"Use of Treatment Arms in OnCore" - New Micro Learning Available!

October 26, 2021

Use of Treatment Arms in OnCore

New 9-minute Micro Learning Available!

RIO, in collaboration with the Office of Data Quality (ODQ) is excited to announce a NEW micro learning training for OnCore Treatment Arms! This 9 minute training is helpful for those that have a role in Treatment Arms or registering participants in OnCore (including non-therapeutic trials)!

Click HERE to watch this training, or find it on the DF/HCC Education and Training Page under Micro Learnings!

What does this training cover?

  • What are OnCore Treatment Arms?
  • How are they built?
  • How are they opened and closed?
  • What do I do if there needs to be a change to the Treatment Arms?
Contact ODQEducation@dfci.harvard.edu with questions about this announcement!