PTMA Request: Pidnarulex - Deadline for Applications: 12/18/23

November 21, 2023

The Experimental Therapeutics Clinical Trials Network (ETCTN), will employ a team science approach for drug development, while integrating research resources and programs across the NCI. Teams will work together to define the best path forward for the development of new drugs.  This team science approach should allow NCI-sponsored investigators to perform high impact clinical trials enriched with molecular characterization of patients and sophisticated scientific research. The goal is to move toward the more precise selection of patients for participation on clinical studies and efficient and timely trial completion. Along the way we hope to enhance interaction and collaboration as well as improving the training of the next generation of drug developers.

The Pidnarulex Project Team Member Application (PTMA) is a part of the CTEP ETCTN process and will be studying Pidnarulex (CX-5461), a selective RNA Polymerase I complex (Pol 1) inhibitor and G-quadraplex (G4) stabilizer being developed by CTEP as an anticancer agent in collaboration with Senhwa Biosciences. The PTMA in the related documents below replaces the former Mass Solicitation and is intended to enable CTEP to identify investigators who will be invited to participate in the Pidnarulex Project Team. Clinical, translational, and basic scientists will convene to discuss the Pidnarulex draft development plan and to modify it as needed. Dr. Gore will lead the team along with one of the investigators chosen through the PTMA process.  Reference materials regarding the Team Science approach are also included in this email, along with the current Project Team Member Application (PTMA) template (Version 7.0., April 4, 2018), which has been modified specifically for the Pidnarulex Project Team Applications

If you are interested in applying to the Project Team, please contact Dr. Geoffrey Shapiro ( by Monday, December 11, 2023so that we may ascertain interest and assemble submissions from our LAO by the application due date of December 18, 2023.

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