2023 ABRCMS Highlights

December 11, 2023

Recently 13 students from the DF/HCC CURE Program and the DF/HCC-UMB U54 Program in Student Research Training presented their summer research projects conducted under DF/HCC mentors at the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minoritized Students (ABRCMS) in Phoenix, Arizona from Nov 15-18.  This all day professional conference was an incredible, empowering experience for attendees, who reflected:

β€œIt is an astonishing event that not only provides you with a chance to network but allows you to present yourself in a professional setting and learn about countless opportunities within the biomedical sciences!” - Wilmer Huggins-Rivera, CURE Student at UMass Amherst

β€œI would like to say that ABRCMS has been a truly remarkable experience, and the ability to network with other fellow students and learn about cutting-edge scientists across various disciplines gives you empowerment that you can achieve your dreams whatever they would be, especially when you see people with the same identity as you.” - Nour Farhat, SPARC Student at Northshore Community College

Attending ABRCMS has also broadened horizons for attendees, encouraging them to persist in the research and deepening their scientific curiosity.

I feel more motivated to take initiative with my research. I want to have more freedom, look at different techniques, and apply them to my research. - Dayana Alay Gonzalez, SPARC student at Roxbury Community College

Two students also won presentations awards at the conference for outstanding presentation of their scientific research to a series of judges.  Congratulations to Wilmer Huggins-Rivera, CURE Student at UMass Amherst, for winning an award for his poster presentation and to Amara Nnwauchi, CURE HBCU Student at Virgina Commonwealth University, for her oral talk at ABRCMS