Applications Open: Grant Writing for Early-Stage Investigators

June 17, 2024

Now in its second iteration, C/T Research Academy First Grant Bootcamp is a training program designed for early-stage investigators who are ready to write their first grant application.

Over the course of 15 weeks, participants will prepare a competitive grant application via self-paced grant-writing instruction, live webinars, and faculty-led small groups focused on feedback and editing.⁠

Participants will receive resources and a grant-writing timeline to guide them through the process of writing the main sections of their grant application. Throughout the program, participants will meet every other week with a group of peers led by a faculty member. During these meetings, they will receive personalized grant-writing guidance and feedback. Participants will also learn how to provide effective peer-to-peer grant writing feedback, have access to a toolbox of grant-writing resources, and join live webinars on grant writing and career development topics.

This program is free for applicants from Harvard-affiliated schools and academic healthcare centers.

Learn more about program requirements and eligibility on our website.

Applications are due July 25, 2024.