2024 Bridge Project RFA Released

June 17, 2024

Dear DF/HCC Colleagues,

We are pleased to release the 2024 Bridge Project RFA. Please note that there have been some eligibility changes that should be noted. Full applications are due by 10am on Monday, September 16th, 2024.

The Bridge Project, a collaboration between Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center (DF/HCC) and MIT’s Koch Institute (KI) for Integrative Cancer Research, brings together the expertise of these two organizations to tackle complex translational problems in cancer research. We fund collaborative approaches in translational cancer research led by teams of cancer scientists, engineers, and clinical investigators from these institutions.

New Eligibility Restrictions for 2024 RFA

  • To maintain strong, collaborative teams, no PI should be included on more than 2 Bridge Project applications per cycle, with a maximum of 1 Traditional or Expansion application, and 1 Footbridge application
  • PIs currently ending the 1st year of a Traditional Award can apply only for Footbridge awards
  • PIs with current Footbridge or Expansion Awards, or in the 2nd year of Traditional Award, are welcome to apply as outlined above

Award Types

  • Footbridge Grants provide $200,000 (total cost) per team per year, for 1 year. Funding for the project should be allocated evenly (50/50) between MIT and DF/HCC. Footbridge grants allow newly formed teams to obtain necessary preliminary data/proof of concept, to develop cohesion as a true team, and to strengthen future Bridge Project applications that may emerge from this work.
  • Traditional Bridge Grants provide $400,000 (total cost) per team per year for up to 2 years ($800,000 total). Funding for the project should be allocated evenly (50/50) between MIT and DF/HCC. Funding may be requested for up to a two-year period. Renewal at the end of Year 1 is subject to performance review
  • Expansion Bridge Grants provide up to $750,000 (total cost) per team to support the initiation of a Phase I clinical trial or a clinical application. Funding allocations between institutions for Expansion Bridge Grants are decided on a per-project basis. Applications for this award type are particularly encouraged. Expansion projects may be based on research funded previously via Footbridge

Submission information
Submit applications to ki-bridge@mit.edu (cc all the involved PIs) by 10 AM Monday, September 16, 2024. Please see Acceptance of Terms on pages 3 and 4 of the RFA—by submitting the application, PIs agree to abide by these terms.

Application Format
All materials should be submitted as a single PDF document
Use 12-point Calibri, or 11-point Arial font and margins of 0.5 inches or greater

Contact Information
Additional information about the Bridge Project can be found here

Please direct questions to ki-bridge@mit.edu or, if appropriate, to the Bridge Project Directors, James DeCaprio James_DeCaprio@dfci.harvard.edu and Tyler Jacks tjacks@mit.edu.