DF/HCC P30 Supplement Funding Opportunity to Support Creation of a Federated Learning Network

June 24, 2024

DF/HCC has the opportunity to submit one P30 administrative supplement to establish a consortium of Cancer Centers that participate in a single, nationwide, privacy-preserving, reusable federated learning (FL) Network.  This FL Network will exchange multimodal models that create a holistic view of patients and lead to more accurate diagnostics and treatment.

Details are in the attached FOA. Applicants chosen as FL network consortium members are expected to train and validate at least two multi modal AI models shared across the FL network. One of these models would be their own and the others would be from other members of the consortium. 

This is a rapid turn-around time opportunity. Our application would be due to NCI no later than August 1, 2024 for funding to begin in September, 2024. This is a one-year award, not to exceed $120K direct costs.

NCI is hosting an informational webinar on Thursday, June 27 at 11:30am - details in the FOA.

If you are interested in being considered as the DF/HCC applicant for this opportunity, please notify (Deborah_Goff@dfci.harvard.edu)  by email no later than end of day on Friday, June 28. Please include a short description of your proposal, as well as biosketches for you and each of your team members.

Click here to view the FOA.