Faith-Based Initiatives

In February 2007, The Faith-Based Cancer Disparities Network was formed to develop educational materials and strategies for health ministries to assist us in the crusade against cancer. This partnership includes nine congregations along with other partners including Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center and the American Cancer Society. Together, we develop, plan, and implement effective faith-based cancer-related programming which will ultimately enhance awareness and reduce the unequal burden of the disease.


Bible Bookmark, created in collaboration with the IECD's Faith Based Initiative, is a collection of factual statements, or truths, about cancer. The bookmark is printed on a colorful 3x7 card meant to slip easily in to a Bible or other book. The truths are powerful factual statements that both dispel common myths associated with cancer and promote prevention by encouraging healthy living and early testing for cancer.

The bulletin inserts were created for distribution within church bulletins at Sunday services, but can be utilized in other ways.


Faces of Faith is a photographic exhibit of cancer survivors focused on sharing stories of survivorship to encourage the demystification of cancer, and supporting those who are living witnesses that one can maintain a vibrant life as a cancer survivor. Sam Ogden, staff photographer at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, took profile photographs of over 100 cancer survivors, all of whom are volunteers from a variety of faith-based institutions in the Greater Boston area. The project is an effort put forth through the Initiative to Eliminate Cancer Disparities and represents collaboration between DF/HCC and the Faith-Based Cancer Disparities Network.

This exhibit has been featured in several faith- and community-based organizations. If you would like to showcase the Faces of Faith or as a cancer survivor would like to be a participant in the exhibit, please email:

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