The Initiative to Eliminate Cancer Disparities program has successfully collaborated on key partnerships, with engagement from members of DF/HCC. Below are a few examples:


The goal of the University of Massachusetts Boston and DF/HCC partnership is to address health disparities in minority populations and to improve research, training, and outreach opportunities for minority students, nurses, and scientists. It focuses on three areas: 

  • Collaborative cancer research
  • Shared cancer training efforts
  • Cancer outreach

Click here to learn more about the DF/HCC-UMass Boston Partnership
Click here to learn more about the DF/HCC-UMass Boston Fellowship Program

Mass Cancer Control Partnership

The Massachusetts Comprehensive Cancer Prevention and Control Plan is a strategic plan that addresses several key cross cutting issues; health disparities, community engagement and research and evaluation issues that are critically important to our efforts to make a significant difference to reduce the cancer burden in our state. The Plan’s strategies are intended to direct collective efforts toward specific and measurable objectives that will reduce the cancer burden.

Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center serves on the network’s steering committee to ensure the successful creation and implementation of the Massachusetts Comprehensive Cancer Prevention and Control Plan. The committee also helps to establish and guide the annual priorities. 


CaNCURE is a partnership between DF/HCC and Northeastern University, and is the first undergraduate program in Cancer Nanomedicine. Trainees will perform full-time research for six months in the laboratory of a CaNCURE mentor. Specialized workshops, seminars, and continuing education activities round out each trainee’s research experience.