Mentor Testimonials

“Being a CURE mentor has been a tremendously positive experience. The opportunity to work with enthusiastic and eager new scientists that bring such diverse backgrounds to the program is very rewarding. Not only is it energizing to work with students in the CURE team, each summer I learn something new about how to mentor, teach, or think about research and also see meaningful outcomes from the projects that the students complete.”
-Meghan Underhill, PhD (DFCI)

“The CURE Program is a unique opportunity to engage with the scientists of the future. They are a talented, ambitious group of students with an impressive work ethic. We hosted Alex Thompson in our lab over the summer, and his research revealed a novel pathway to kill leukemic cells. The program is opening doors to careers in medical research but it is also helping to defeat cancer in the process.”
-Ben Croker, PhD (BCH)

“It was such a pleasure to be involved with the CURE program. Our high school student brought levels of energy and enthusiasm to the lab that were inspirational. Her hard work also delivered results. CURE is providing well-rounded scientific training to talented students, at a pivotal, early stage. Additionally, as a supervisor I felt well-supported: I welcomed the high quality mentorship training offered by CURE - it made a valuable contribution to my own career development.”
-Tracy Underwood, PhD (MGH)

I was impressed with the poster presentations. The posters were well designed, the science was good, and the ability of the students to explain their work was impressive. It felt as if I was at a scientific meeting.
-Nina Irwin, PhD (BCH)

The [CURE] program is great. The mixture of seminars, journal clubs, and research provide a unique opportunity compared with other summer programs I am familiar with.
-A. Michael Sismour, PhD (HMS)

We were very impressed with the organization and commitment of the program administration. The final presentations from the students were inspiring and educational, giving us a broader understanding of the scope of research training supported by the program. The program has a number of unique features compared to other summer research programs in which we have previously participated, and it was a pleasure for us to participate.
-Melissa Thomas, MD, PhD (MGH)