Name: Dorothy Ndishabandi


CURE Year:


Education and Degree(s):

Bachelor of Science; Biology 

Describe your current position: 

I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in preparation for a Doctorate in Nurse Practitioner.  

CURE mentor(s):

Dr. Jack Lawler  

What was your CURE research question?:

The Role of Thrombosopin-1 (TSP-1) in Breast Cancer Metastasis  

Memorable CURE Experience: 

The summer party in the park and preparing and presenting at the end of the program in front of an audience.  

How did CURE help you get to where you are today? 

Through networking and mentorships, I was able to get employment in research in the Boston area. At the end of the CURE program, I was confident to stand in front of a crowd and present my research. This enabled me to excel at my previous employment at Mass General Hospital (MGH) as a transplant researcher. During my time at MGH, I presented at conferences on a National and International level and published most of my work. 

Favorite place to eat in the Longwood Medical Area when you were a CURE student: 

I always enjoyed taking my lunch outside and eating on the lawn at the Harvard Medical Campus.  

What is your current five year plan? 

My five-year plan is to complete my bachelor of Science in Nursing in preparation for my Doctorate in Nursing Practitioner. I’d also like to continue developing my Community based Health Center in Uganda.  

If I weren’t a Nursing Student, I’d be: 

Continuing my work in the Transplant lab at MGH.