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Current and Upcoming Events

November 12th - How We Thrive: Conversations on Health and Wellness

How We Thrive is a virtual webinar series developed in collaboration with the Baystate Women’s Health Network and the Center for Cancer Equity and Engagement. The goal of this series is to promote critical dialogue on health and wellness in communities of color, in effort to support thriving during these challenging times. This first series focuses on women's health and launched in October with the topic of Breast Health. Each upcoming webinar will feature panelists on various topics related to health disparities, cancer prevention, and social justice. Our next panel will take place on November 12, 2020 from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm. More information on how to attend this webinar will be coming soon. For questions and to stay informed, please email our CCEE Team. We welcome everyone to join and participate!

Event Resources and Recordings

How We Thrive Webinar Series - October 8th: Breast Cancer

Get Connected

Host a Cancer Education Program in your Community

Interested in hosting a cancer education program in your organization or community? Our Community Health Educator is available to provide tailored cancer prevention education on the topics of HPV and clinical trials. For more information, please contact our CCEE Team.

Connect with DF/HCC Researchers

Where opportunity allows, the Center for Cancer Equity and Engagement is happy to connect your organization, group, or program to DF/HCC research projects in need of community advisors and support. For questions and to learn more, contact our Team here.

Get Information on DF/HCC Research

We believe research begins and ends with people. We want to make sure relevant scientific information and results are disseminated appropriately in our communities. Whether its findings from an exciting study or the latest medical discoveries, our communities deserve timely and reliable access to our results. We work with research teams and scientists to disseminate relevant and important research to our surrounding communities. For more information, contact us here to learn more.


We'd love to connect with you. Please contact our CCEE Team at with questions or to learn more.

Collaborate with Us

Connect with Community Partners

For DF/HCC researchers looking to engage local organizations or partners in your research, the CCEE can help connect you to appropriate Massachusetts community stakeholders. We respect the work and value of our community partners and community-engaged researchers, and we are committed to ensuring mutually supportive relationships between researchers and community partners.

  • Community-Engaged Research Dissemination - Information coming soon.

Join a Research Advisory Group

The CCEE brings together DF/HCC researchers and community partners to work collaboratively towards innovative solutions for some of our biggest cancer problems. If you are interested in a particular area and would like to be involved in one of our cross sectional cancer working groups, please contact Tim Rebbeck to learn how to get involved.

Our current Cancer Advisory Groups are:

  • Minority Accrual to Clinical Trials Task Force - To learn more about the activities of the DF/HCC Clinical Trials Task Force, contact Dr. Rachel Freedman.
  • Gastrointestinal Malignancies Task Force  - Information coming soon.
  • Myeloma Task Force - Information coming soon.
  • Liver Cancer Task Force - Information coming soon.