DF/HCC Training and Education

Training requirements for DF/HCC research personnel are governed by policy EDU-100, and are outlined in the New Research Staff Checklist. Utilize the checklist, as well as the resources on this page to fulfill all training requirements prior to starting research at DF/HCC.

Required Training for All Research Staff

Additional Required Training for PIs

iRIS Education and Training

Visit the iRIS Training and Resources Page to access all of our iRIS resources, including:

  • iRIS Submission Basics e-Learning Series - a 7-module course covering all of the basics from creating a submission, how submissions are routed and reviewed, activation steps, managing subsites, and more!
  • iRIS WIKI - detailed guidance and work instructions for investigators and study teams on a variety of iRIS topics
  • Archived iRIS Office Hours Webinars - review previously recorded live webinars focusing on specific iRIS topics, system updates, and more

Other Educational Resources