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DF/HCC has one of the largest clinical research initiatives in the country, taking a unified approach to approving, activating, monitoring, and supporting the cancer-related clinical trials conducted at our member institutions. For more information, view the Clinical Research Support website Quick Reference PDF, or view the Clinical Research Support overview packet.

The Protocol Lifecycle

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For your convenience there are many ways to find the Policies, Guidance, Forms, Templates, and Resources that you may be looking for. One such way is to use the Protocol Lifecycle browsing method. Use this method to find documents relative to the step in the lifecycle your protocol falls into.

The Clinical Trials Protocol Lifecycle highlights the 8 key steps from creation to completion of a clinical trial at DF/HCC. Click through the steps below for more information, and refer to the left-side menu for policies, guidances, forms, templates, and other resources.  

Other Ways To Find Documents

The document library includes all clinical research support documents, including DF/HCC Policies and Operations, forms, guidances, and other materials, and is searchable by type of document.

Visit the Document Library

Document Sets

Document sets like the DF/HCC Policy and Operation Library and OHRS Information Sheets are assembled from the same pool of documents that can be accessed from the Document Library, or found in the Protocol Lifecycle. These are designed to allow for quick browsing of documents with a similar theme.

Commonly Viewed Documents

Below are the most commonly viewed/downloaded Clinical Research documents of each type.

If you are new to clinical research at DF/HCC, please visit the Education page for additional helpful information and resources.

Clinical Research at Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center member institutions is facilitated by way of a unified clinical research effort across all member institutions. There are three offices responsible for coordinating this unified effort: The Clinical Trials Research Informatics Office (CTRIO), The Office of Data Quality (ODQ), and The Office for Human Research Studies (OHRS).

Although all documents are available in a centralized place via the Protocol Lifecycle, or the Document Library, support for specific clinical research areas, functions, or software used across the Cancer Center can be attained by contacting the corresponding office below. View the common functions for each office below.

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