General Inquiries

For iRIS support and questions please access the WIKI at or contact the super users for your department or the clinical trials office for your institution. A list of super users is available in the Contact Us section of the WIKI.

What is the status of my submission? Study teams can now view a real-time status of every submission in iRIS by going to Submissions History and clicking on Track Location. More information can be found in the iRIS WIKI instructions for navigating the Study Assistant.

General Inquiries
For all other questions, please contact Please do not reach out to individual staff members for general inquiries.

OHRS Leadership

Sarah Kiskaddon, JD, MA

Lara Sloboda, PhD Associate Director, Non-Clinical Research (617) 632-2683
Caroline Kokulis, MS Associate Director, Clinical Research (617) 632-5457

Jiale Dai, PhD, RPH

Associate Director of Medical Review (617) 632-6594

Muhammad Zahid, MD, MPH

Associate Director of Medical Review (617) 632-3031

OHRS Staff

Intake Staff
Anangie Martinez
Richard Pakpreo
Research Review Coordination
Emily Lam
Meeting Focused Human Research Coordinators
Devin Maughn
Senai Tesfamicael