OHRS Systems Access Request

Please see the tab below for instructions on how to request systems access.

*NOTE: The iRIS system is now live, as of July 8th. Please visit the iRIS Readiness Center for updates and more information on how this affects you and your team*

Oncology Protocol System (OncPro) - This system is used to view the most currently IRB approved and Activated documents for each study.

iRIS - This is the Protocol Review and Monitoring System (PRMS) used for new protocol and ongoing protocol submissions to the IRB, departmental sign-offs, and trial activation.

OnCore - This system is used to manage studies.

DF/HCC Research Email List - This list will allow non-OncPro users to receive news and update emails from OHRS.

Please note: Access to OHRS systems is reserved for individuals who are affiliated with institutions within the DF/HCC consortium (DFCI, BWH, BCH, BIDMC and MGH). Requests submitted by individuals from outside institutions will be denied.

Systems access questions should be directed to ohrs_systems@dfci.harvard.edu.

Please choose one of the following in order to gain access to OncPro:

You will receive an email with your username and password when your request has been processed. In general, you should expect your request to be processed in two business days.

  • For MGB users, please access through Partners Menu → Oncology Protocol System → OncPro
  • When outside the MGB firewall, please access through: http://webctportal.partners.org

For help on how to navigate OncPro, please refer to the OncPro User Guide.

Staff with Partners IDs (DFCI, MGH, BWH, BCH and Broad staff with dual appointments) can request iRIS access for themselves by following these steps:

  1. Consult your manager and refer to the Training Matrix to determine what training and access are required. Complete the training.
  2. Open an IS Service Desk Ticket with the information below:

    Partners User ID (if applicable):
    Last Name:
    First Name:
    Work email address:
    Phone number:
    Study Team(s) – Select from this list.
    Research role:
    If you will be doing reviews in iRIS, what committee are you joining? (Please see committee list here.)

BIDMC Staff:

  • Access will be granted as part of the New Investigator or Study Team member process.
  • Training is required: Discuss with QM to determine what training you should complete and the specific access you should request. (See the Training Matrix)
  • Please allow at least 2 business days for access to be granted once ALL of the required information has been provided.
  • Instructions on how to login to iRIS as a BIDMC staff member can be found here

BCH staff without dual DFCI or MGB appointments:

Please refer to the Obtain Access to iRIS, BCH section in the DF/HCC New Researcher Checklist.

Please see the Training Checklist for new DF/HCC Researcherson the ODQ website for instructions on how to get an OnCore profile and access.

Please note that all OncPro users will be added to the DF/HCC Research Email List by default. For those not looking for access to OncPro but wish to receive OHRS News Updates (e.g., forms updates, policy changes, system outages, etc.) please click the following link:

You will receive an email when your request has been processed.