NCI Registration

As of July 31, 2017, all individuals involved in the conduct of NCI-supported trials as an Investigator (IVR), Non-Physician Investigator (NPIVR), or Associate Plus (AP) are required to register annually in the NCI's Registration and Credentially Repository (RCR). Individuals must first create a CTEP IAM account before completing the RCR application.


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What is a Registration Coordinator (RC)?

A Registration Coordinator (RC) can assist someone who needs to register in RCR by updating registration entries on behalf of the profile owner. 

The RC can view and update all registration documents for the profile owner (except the Financial Disclosure Form [FDF]) but cannot sign or submit the documents as this must be completed by each individual person registering with the NCI. The RC can send notifications through the RCR system alerting the profile owner that their documents are ready for signature and submission.


Who is my Registration Coordinator (RC)?

Physicians: The Office of Data Quality provides centralized registration support to all DF/HCC physician investigators (IVR role). If you are a DF/HCC physician, please contact for assistance in completing or updating your annual registration.

Non-physicians (NP-IVR and AP roles) should their research manager and/or clinical trials office to determine whether they have a registration coordinator. All roles may also follow the DF/HCC Step-by-Step Guide: How to Register in RCR for additional role-based guidance on completing the registration process.


How does one become a Registration Coordinator?

Requests to become a registration coordinator must be sent via email to the CTEP REGHELP mailbox. Please contact ODQ if the registration coordinators for your institution are changing so that this page can be updated.


Email Subject: Make Me a Registration Coordinator

Please include the following in your request:

  • Institution Name and ID number:  For example [MGH=MA034, DFCI=MA036, BIDMC (MA038)]
  • Name of Person who will be the RC (ID number if known)
  • Name of Back-up RC (if applicable)
  • List of Profiles to be linked to

Resources for RCs

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