Nucleus, Dollar Density & CURE Information

Continuing Umbrella of Research Experiences (CURE)

Continuing Umbrella of Research Experiences (CURE) introduces high school and undergraduate students who are part of under-represented groups in the medical and scientific research fields to the world of cancer research. CURE’s student enrollment application is supported by RIO and administered by the DF/HCC.  It facilitates partnering students with mentors and principal investigators in laboratories and research environments at the different DF/HCC institutions.



Nucleus is the central DF/HCC application used to support the Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG). Nucleus maintains member profiles, publications, funding and core service usage data across the five DF/HCC member institutions.  Nucleus provides reporting functionality for the management of the DF/HCC for the purposes of assisting with the compilation of the DF/HCC CCSG.

Dollar Density

Dollar Density is a web-based tool that allows the DFCI Research Administration office to combine space utilization and funding data in order to analyze the dollar amount per square footage of lab space. The combined data is used for optimizing space planning.

Support for Nucleus, Dollar Density, and CURE

For non-PCC issues such as those below for Nucleus, Dollar Density, and CURE, email: Tom Leonard at

  • Account access
  • Service interruptions
  • New functionality requests
  • Training
  • Reporting