OncPro, OnCore and iRIS


OncPro (Oncology Protocol System) a
llows for viewing of protocol documents, eligibility checklists, priority lists and other forms needed for clinical trials.


OnCore is the DF/HCC CTMS (clinical trial management system). In OnCore, research staff manage the conduct of trials post-activation. OnCore facilitates subject registration, calendars, and reporting.


iRIS is the PRMS (Protocol Review and Monitoring System) that has been selected to be implemented within DF/HCC.  It is one single system, that will allow the research team to submit its regulatory forms electronically to the scientific review committees and institutional review boards for review, processing, and activation. iRIS has replaced paper smart forms, OHRS Submit and P360

Systems Support

For new account access, changes to permissions, or other access requests:

  • Please visit the DF/HCC Systems Access page here

For service interruptions and all other issues:

  • Please open an IS Service Desk ticket for OncPro-PHS here