Bioinformatics Training

The mission of the Bioinformatics Training Core is to provide resources for bioinformatics education focused on best practices in high-throughput sequencing data analysis and research data management, with the goal to foster independence and knowledge transfer in the DF/HCC community

Key Services

  • Basic Data Skills (Shell/R)
  • Applications of High-throughput sequencing(Transcriptomics, Epigenomics, Genomics)
  • Functional Analysis
  • Research Data Management
  • Reproducibility Tools (Version control,Documentation)
  • Consultations/Office Hours
  • Educational infrastructure for DF/HCC experts

Training Courses Available

  • Current Topics in Bioinformatics Series (half-day or less workshops)
  • Introduction to Next-Generation Sequencing Analysis Series
    • Basic Data Skills (1 to 1.5 day workshops):
      • Introduction to the Command-Line Interface (Shell)
      • Introduction to R
    • Advanced Topics: Analysis of High-Throughput Sequencing (NGS) Data (2-day intensive workshops):
      • Introduction to (bulk) RNA-Seq Using High-Performance Computing
      • Introduction to Differential Gene Expression Analysis
      • Introduction to ChIP-seq Analysis
      • Introduction to Single Cell RNA-seq Analysis

Past Courses

  • Gene annotations and functional analysis of gene lists
  • Bulk RNA-seq (Part I - FASTQ to counts)
  • Visualizations with ggplot2 and advanced plotting methods
  • Introduction to single-cell RNA-seq
  • Introduction to R
  • Tools for Reproducible Research 
  • Introduction to command-line interface & HMS-RC O2 cluster
  • Introduction to single-cell RNA-seq data analysis
  • Introduction to the command-line interface
  • Introduction to Python
  • Introduction to differential gene expression analysis (bulk RNA-seq)
  • Interactive Data Visualization with RShiny (with Ista Zahn)
  • Introduction to RMarkdown 


If research supported by this core facility results in publication, please acknowledge this support by including the following in your publication(s):
"We thank Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center in Boston, MA, for the use of the Bioinformatics Training Core, which provided __________ service. Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center is supported in part by a NCI Cancer Center Support Grant # NIH 5 P30 CA06516."