DF/HCC Kidney Cancer Specialized Program of Research Excellence (SPORE)

The Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center (DF/HCC) (http://www.dfhcc.harvard.edu) Kidney Cancer Program- (KCP) in-Development was established in 2001 and formed the substrate for our SPORE. Funding of the SPORE in 2003 in turn contributed to the KCP achieving Established Program status within the DF/HCC in 2004 and to receiving an “outstanding” evaluation at the DF/HCC Core grant competitive renewal in 2011. As a consequence of SPORE and KCP funding, the entire DF/HCC kidney cancer research effort has flourished with expanded basic and clinical investigations. This has provided a constant stream of new translational research ideas to the SPORE for consideration for Developmental Project funding or components of full Projects, including some within this renewal application. Indeed, the SPORE functions as a focal point for translational activities within the Kidney Cancer Program as a whole. In particular, the existence of the SPORE and its Cores have provided opportunities and incentives to extend basic science and clinical research ideas into the translational realm and facilitated the entry of young, as well as some seasoned, investigators into the kidney cancer field. As a consequence, the DF/HCC KCP and SPORE have made major contributions to the kidney cancer field and are poised to make even greater contributions in the future. In this Program Overview, we will first outline the significant clinical challenges ahead of us in the kidney cancer field, explain how our approaches will help move the field forward, and detail the accomplishments of the DF/HCC SPORE and KCP since their inception. Finally, we will detail our plans for the SPORE if renewed and include strategies for assuring success.

The DF/HCC Kidney Cancer SPORE features four projects, three cores, a developmental research program and a career enhancement program.

If you are interested in becoming involved in the Kidney Cancer SPORE program, please contact: