Administrative Core

Core Aims: The administrative core will monitor the progress of the entire SPORE. 

  • To monitor research projects and Cores and plan for the future
  • To foster collaborative research within the SPORE and between SPOREs
  • To integrate the SPORE in Myeloid Leukemias into the DF/HCC structure
  • To provide necessary resources for fiscal oversight
  • To promote rapid dissemination of significant research findings 

Biostatistics Core

Core Aims:

  • To provide biostatistical collaboration for Projects, Developmental Research Program, and Cores in this SPORE, in order to assure that robust statistical methods support the clinical, correlative, preclinical and basic science of these efforts
  • To provide biostatistical support and training to junior investigators through the Career Enhancement Program

Biospecimens and Xenograft Core

Core Aims:

  • To acquire primary samples from patients with myeloid malignancies enrolled in clinical research protocols and to isolate and preserve viable mononuclear cells, DNA and plasma
  • To establish, characterize, and distribute xenograft models of myeloid malignancies and facilitate pre- clinical trials in collaboration with the Projects
  • To maintain annotated databases containing pathologic, cytogenetic and molecular information for clinical samples and xenografts obtained from patients with myeloid malignancies

Correlative Science Core

Core Aims:

  • To use a clinically validated amplicon-based NextGen sequencing test to identify mutations, define clonal heterogeneity, and follow the clonal evolution of myeloid neoplasms during therapy
  • To develop, validate, and implement tests for phospho-SYK, immune checkpoint proteins, lineage specific host immune cell markers, and other protein biomarkers
  • To develop, validate, and implement RNA profiling-based tests that identify signatures of effective targeting of leukemogenic signaling pathways with novel therapeutic agents, including spliceosome inhibitors, and Menin/MLL inhibitors
  • To develop, validate, and implement a BH3 profiling/mitochondrial priming assay to predict the response of myeloid neoplasms to targeted therapeutics