Cancer Risk, Prevention, and Early Detection Program

The DF/HCC Cancer Risk, Prevention, and Early Detection research program focuses on understanding how a person’s genetics, environment, and lifestyle influence cancer incidence and progression. Among its goals the program aims to translate biological discoveries and develop new technologies into novel paradigms for cancer interception. The scope ranges from the general population to high-risk groups to individuals with pre-cancerous lesions or targetable mutations.

 We investigate methods to reduce cancer burden by

  • defining the role of inherited, environmental, and modifiable behavioral risk factors
  • developing and implementing innovative interventions (screening tests, biomarkers and devices for early detection)
  • reducing cancer risk by identifying individuals with cancer predisposition gene mutations and optimal use of established and novel screening tests
  • addressing the impact of social, economic, and public policy factors on cancer.

The program is committed to the translation of the scientific advances and dissemination of knowledge into sustainable community-based practices.

Recent Publications

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