You will find a wide range of ETCTN related resources on these pages.  The information is intended to guide DF/HCC investigators and study teams as they consider participating in and/or developing new ETCTN studies.  The DF/HCC resources provide details specific to the development and conduct of ETCTN research at DF/HCC and are intended to supplement information and general guidance material available on the CTEP and CTSU websites.

The requirements and procedures will depend on whether you are the national study chair or a participating investigator.  Follow the menu items below that are most appropriate for your study.


DF/HCC Investigator is the National Study Chair

DF/HCC is a participating site

Registering and RosteringYesYes
Developing an ETCTN Study  Yes N/A
Joining an ETCTN Study  N/AYes 
DF/HCC Activation YesYes 
Conducting ETCTN Research Yes Yes